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Whippin' it up!

I've always had a love and hate relationship with cooking. Growing up, I watched my Ma cook multiple meals a week. You know like full Sunday dinners; meat, sides, bread, and dessert, but this would be like a Tuesday evening. While she made it look easy, I never really go into it myself. Now don't get me wrong. I can cook to survive, but I'm the type that NEEDED a recipe to make it turn out right.

Let's fast forward to like 2 or 3 months ago. The chef bug must have bitten me, because I started experimenting in the kitchen. I'm talking about full blown, grab some random seasonings, watch a quick YouTube tutorial, and go.

Since then, I have been in the kitchen testing out all sorts of things: hot wings, shrimp and veggie skewers, Italian pizza rolls, rosemary seasoned red potatoes, 3 cheese macaroni and a variety of other rich dishes.

I consider myself an amateur cooker right now, with lots of room to improve. The thrill of making something that actually turns out edible motivates me to keep whippin' it up!

#newbiechef #icancookalilbit #watchmewhip #seasoningandflavor

*Disclaimer: The featured meal isn't from this awesome cookbook. I just thought it was a dope photo backdrop.

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