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What's in a Label?

Living and trying new things in my healthier body is continuing to be a journey without what feels like, a GPS. Some days I know where I’m going and can get to my destination easily. Other days I hit construction and road blocks and have to recalculate and reroute.

One thing I have been enjoying, is restocking my closet with a wardrobe full of new clothes and style. There were so many outfits I wanted to wear before, but I didn’t feel like I could. With this change came a bit more confidence to do some of the things, that in reality I probably could’ve tried before, but feel more comfortable doing so now.

So recently, I bought two skirts for a complete steal. Like I couldn’t leave them on the rack!

I’m wild about 🦓 🦒 🦁 prints by the way.

I grabbed them both and couldn’t wait to get home to try them on. They both fit GREAT, and after taking them off and looking carefully at them, I couldn’t believe my eyes.

Take a look at the picture. One skirt is just a pinch larger than the other, not by much, but clearly noticeable. Right?

Well guess what?

The gray and black one is labeled as a size 8 and the brown is labeled a size 14. That’s a pretty decent gap in women’s sizing in my opinion. But remember what I said. They both fit my body GREAT!

In my life, I have ranged anywhere from a size 12-22. However after losing weight, changing habits, and trying to be in better shape, I didn’t expect to still be in such a wide size range.

For both sizes to fit so well, it simply reminded me not to focus so much on the label. I have to remember that the number doesn’t make me who I am. The number doesn’t set my level of worth.

The amazing way I feel when I look in the mirror, the improved mobility, the prominent collar bone that had been hidden for so long, the compliments, the chance to shop in places where I never have before, all matter a lot more to me than the size on the label.

Whether you see me rocking the 8 or the 14, just know I feel wonderful about me and I’m loving what I see.

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