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Happy Planning isn’t so Happy After All

Why in the world did I let my sticker happy friend Ezell convince me that I actually needed a planning journal in my life.

Ezell's obscene planning supply stash

Boy oh boy was I unprepared for the crazy world of Happy Planning.

If you don’t know, it’s not a hobby, it’s a freaking lifestyle. It’s also not for the weak. You have to give it everything you've got!

Ezell has an insane amount of stickers for her journaling habit and will find herself perusing the local Michael’s store for a sale, just so she can get more to decorate these journals. Let me also mention the abundant collection of marker pens, whole punchers, tweezers, rings and all the other stuff she has that I don’t even know its full purpose.

So this is where I messed up.

As a newbie trying to get more organized going to the freaking guru was a BIG mistake. I knew walking through the store with her seeing the glazed over excitement in her eyes that I was in trouble. I kept reminding her I needed something simple, but I'm not sure if she even heard me. I just wanted to write down a meal or two and maybe track some extracurriculars.

My small stash of supplies

She managed to keep her excitement in check and I left with a few purchases to get me started.

I did really good for the first month, even though I was planning during quarantine, which was pretty uneventful. When I started working again, I promised to use it with consistency.

Well guess what.... I lied.

That poor journal was such a sad journal. Most of its pages were empty. I've found myself going back weeks trying to play catch up, but of course I can't even remember what I did the day before, let alone weeks prior.

I thought I was ready, but happy planning truly is a lifestyle. I know I have failed my friend Ezell, the guru. She had such high hopes that she was creating a fellow fanatic, but I have fallen by the wayside.

Maybe just maybe I can get it together and redeem myself as the new year continues, but let’s not hold our breath just yet....

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