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Friendship Crossroad

Have you ever had that moment when you realize you have outgrown a friendship? If you can relate then I need you to listen in, if you can't, then you may be the friend who has been outgrown.

*Semi-Spoiler Alert*

If you have been watching the current season of Insecure, you were witness to the downward spiral of Issa's and Molly's friendship. Through a series of miscommunication, misunderstanding, and hanging on to trivial situations, the two "best-friends" went through some "thangs".

Now we know this is TV, but so much of what we see imitates life on a regular basis. I have been blessed with a solid circle of friends, in which I can confide and lean on throughout this journey called life. We experience moments of happiness and sadness. We uplift and encourage. We debate and educate. My question is what happens when you start to feel that some friendships aren't doing anything but draining you for everything you have?

I'm talking about a leech. The type of person who feigns interest in your life, only to talk about themselves. The type who constantly seeks advice from you, but always does the opposite. You begin to question yourself:

"Why don't I just stop answering the phone?"

"What am I saying that they don't get?"

"Is is time to cut ties?"

"Does this person add any value to my life?"

What I began to realize is that when questions like this arise, it may be time to have a conversation and lay it all out on the line with the friend. Sometimes, I don't think people realize that they are doing things that are impacting you negatively, because we don't speak up.

Molly an Issa had so many opportunities to hash it out, get mad, cry, yell scream, simply talk, but instead they avoided one another. They found themselves at a friendship crossroad. Do we salvage the relationship or wipe our hands of it?

I've always heard that people are put in your life for a moment, a season, or a lifetime. I feel that the season is changing and they won't be a part of my lifetime.

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