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Can't Stop Won't Stop: 30 Days of Habit Forming Behavior!

“Can’t stop, won’t stop!”

These words have taken permanent residence in the depths of my brain. I am proud to shout from the rooftops, that I have worked out for 30, that’s right, 30 whole days in a row and I haven't stopped yet! No matter what diet or trainer I was working with in the past, I had never achieved 30 days of consistent exercise. No days off, no excuses.

The vertical sleeve surgery was the sprint, but now I'm preparing for the marathon.

Back in December, my sister and I committed to working out Monday through Friday for at least 30 minutes. We set up a zoom session, made a workout schedule, ordered our workout equipment, laced up our sneakers, and got started.

The first few days were a challenge. Even though I had been working out, the consistency of moving my body and the increased difficulty level of the exercises had me rethinking the regularity of workouts we said we were preparing to do.

But as I continued to work out with my sister, I begin to see the progress taking place. No longer was I huffing and puffing, begging for a break after the first few minutes. I noticed I was a little lighter on my feet. My heart rate required a little more exertion before I was feeling winded. This workout challenge was showing up and showing out!

My apple watch became a tiny motivator on my wrist. “You’ve closed your rings”, “You’ve set a new record”, “Perfect week”. All of these were little gold stars for me on my chart to achieving my fitness goals.

The best part of the changes happening in my body, were the changes in the lives of my friends. What started as a journey with my sis and I has developed into a small group of friends who also join us weekly for the virtual workouts. I never imagined you could sweat and laugh at the same time. Here we are though, committing to getting and STAYING healthy together and I love every minute of it!

I’ve always heard it takes 21 days to form a habit, but I think it takes more than that.

It takes being in the right mental headspace.

It takes having an accountability partner or squad!

It takes speaking your goals out loud, even if you are talking to yourself in an empty room.

It doesn’t start off easy, but as I’ve heard from several fitness buffs: “with challenge comes change.”

Change is what I’m speaking into existence.

“Can’t stop, wont stop” I have goals to achieve.

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Don’t stop! You got this!

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