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Bitmoji Magic

If you're a teacher and you aren't using Bitmoji in your classroom, then this post is for you! Take a look below at the awesome things I have done with Bitmoji and Google Slides.

Now we all know that Bitmoji's were used with Snap chat, but I have seen educators across the globe incorporating them into their daily lessons, PowerPoint, activities, and more. I discovered through a social media wormhole, that some teachers have been using Bitmoji's for their virtual classrooms. The possibilities are truly limitless. You can design a room, upload images, embed videos and more. A simple YouTube search can get you started. I even attached a helpful one for beginners.

You can do it! Believe me, your students will thank you for adding a cool new way to engage them in your teacher tool box.

Check out Mrs. Farah's tutorial to get you started:

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